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About Us


BONUS.DIRECT is the #1 directory for the best bonuses & promotions in Canada. We strive to find and negotiate the top deals offered by quality online casinos and sports betting sites. When you play with BONUS.DIRECT by your side, you always Win First, Play Later!

What does BONUS.DIRECT do exactly?

Fast - zero obligation - free of charge! Are you interested in maximum bonuses for your deposits? Then you've come to the right place! BONUS.DIRECT negotiates the best custom bonuses for it's customers. Whether you're looking for a sports betting bonus or a casino bonus, we gotcha!. All fees are covered by our partners, so our service is free of charge!

Deposits do not take place on BONUS.DIRECT, but instead directly with the provider you choose.

You can use BONUS.DIRECT with different providers - with unlimited use. There is no limit on the number of deposits (first or reload).

Would you like to deposit with a provider? Then always make a request to BONUS.DIRECT in advance so that you can get your exclusive bonus. You simply get more for your deposit.

Our team

BONUS.DIRECT is comprised of a team of industry experts, each possessing a wealth of experience within the iGaming industry. Through our knowledge of the industry we have been able to create a platform that has helped 20,000+ users with their betting ventures. Our mindset is "why play with less, when you can play with more?". By increasing the amount you play with, you can increase your chances of success!

We're committed to not only giving our users great bonuses, we also deliver & showcase top quality betting sites, news, reviews, contests, a betting calendar, vouchers, etc.

Sign up with us today and allow us to help you increase your chances of success through custom bonuses!