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GTC - BONUS.DIRECT General Terms and Conditions

1. BONUS.DIRECT is an online platform and offers users at BONUS.DIRECT a free and non-binding comparison of bonuses in the areas of sports betting and casino. After registering on BONUS.DIRECT, the user also receives individual and non-binding offers via our platform from our partners. BONUS.DIRECT is operated by BONUS.DIRECT GmbH, Durisolstrasse 2, 4600 Wels.

2. The aim of the online platform is to negotiate individual and non-binding offers for the user and to provide a simple overview of them so that the respective user can make an informed decision before making any deposit based on transparent information from our partners.

3. The number and bonuses amount may vary depending on the bookmaker/casino operator.

4. In addition to the direct negotiations of the bonuses, BONUS.DIRECT offers an overview of bonus offers for individual products thus creating a clear basis for the user to make decisions.

5. Should the user accept an offer negotiated by BONUS.DIRECT, the contract between the user and the bookmaker/casino operator is concluded directly. To do this, the user needs a gambling account with the respective bookmaker/casino operator. The terms and conditions of the respective bookmaker/casino operator apply in this case.

5a. Multiple accounts at BONUS.DIRECT are not permitted and can be deactivated without informing the user. BONUS.DIRECT reserves the right to verify accounts by requesting ID and/or a current utility bill.

6. The use the services on BONUS.DIRECT does not create a contractual relationship between the user and BONUS.DIRECT. The offers presented or negotiated by BONUS.DIRECT do not yet constitute a contract between the user and the bookmaker/casino operator.

7. BONUS.DIRECT expressly points out that the data provided by the user can be transferred to the bookmaker/casino operator with their consent for the purpose of concluding a contract. If the user provides incorrect or incomplete data, the bookmaker/casino operator may change or withdraw the offer.

8. BONUS.DIRECT has no influence on the creation and content of the offers from our bookmakers/casino operators. BONUS.DIRECT does not offer sports betting or casino games and is not involved in the provision of such services.

9. BONUS.DIRECT does not hold any betting or gambling licenses.

10. BONUS.DIRECT is not authorized to accept payments for bookmakers/casino operators.

11. In no event shall BONUS.DIRECT be liable for any damages incurred unless such damages are the result of a gross negligence or intent.

12. The bonus offer is provided by the bookmaker/casino operator. BONUS.DIRECT endeavors to exercise the best possible care in the ongoing integration and update of bonus offers. Nevertheless, transfer errors, technical interruptions or other errors may occur in specific cases, for which BONUS.DIRECT assumes no liability.

13. BONUS.DIRECT makes no guarantees concerning the amount or quality of the offers displayed on our platform and assumes no liability for their availability. The respective bookmaker/casino operator with whom the user concludes the corresponding agreement is responsible for this.

14. BONUS.DIRECT does not guarantee the user's entitlement to the actual conclusion of a corresponding agreement with the bookmaker/casino operator.

15. BONUS.DIRECT cannot be held liable by the user of the platform for any loss, damage, loss of profits, costs and other disadvantages that arise in connection with the products and services offered by BONUS.DIRECT and its bookmakers/casino operators and shall be held harmless towards them.

16. Gambling and betting on the Internet may be illegal under national legislation in your home country. The users must therefore ensure that they act in accordance with the legal provisions of their home country.

17. The user acknowledges that the software and all materials provided to the player by BONUS.DIRECT are wholly owned by BONUS.DIRECT and that the user has no right or claim to the intellectual property mentioned above.

18. No data mining or scraping of the BONUS.DIRECT website is permitted without the express written permission of BONUS.DIRECT

19. In principle, all bonuses and offers only refer to the respective user of the BONUS.DIRECT platform. Bonuses and offers may not be sold between players and/or third parties. Bonus offers cannot be redeemed for cash, but are subject to the specific bonus conditions of our bookmakers/casino operators.

20. Only private users are permitted to use the free services of BONUS.DIRECT, i.e. for purposes that cannot be attributed to a business or self-employed professional activity of the user. Use of the services of BONUS.DIRECT for business purposes or as part of an independent professional activity is expressly prohibited.

21. This website may contain hyperlinks to websites operated by parties other than BONUS.DIRECT. Such hyperlinks are provided to the user only as a guide. BONUS.DIRECT has no control of these websites and is not responsible for their content. BONUS.DIRECT's integration of hyperlinks to such websites does not imply endorsement towards the content on such websites or any association with their operators.

Data storage

1. BONUS.DIRECT provides users with a portal under "My Account" where they can manage and track their bonus offers and notifications about bonus offers. The use of "My Account" requires prior registration by the user.

2. If a BONUS.DIRECT user has accepted a bonus offer from a bookmaker/casino operator, the data provided will be saved under "My Account" for later contract requests. In addition, the user can track the status of the respective offer under their "My Account" for certain products (sports betting, casino).

3. The data (betting ID to the bookmaker/casino operator,) is transferred when the user requests an offer from our bookmakers/casino operators. The user is responsible for checking the data again and correcting it if necessary before sending it.

Voucher Conditions

1. There is zero legal entitlement to vouchers, even if they have been granted repeatedly in the past.

2. Misuse of offers, in particular by registering multiple accounts, will result in the exclusion of vouchers.

3. Vouchers can only be used if the customer is eligible to participate in sports betting and gambling (age of majority, no nationwide gambling ban, etc.).

4. BONUS.DIRECT reserves it's right to exclude individual users from vouchers.

5. BONUS.DIRECT assumes no liability should individual vouchers be rejected by the voucher provider.

6. Voucher campaigns can be limited both in time and in the number of vouchers.

7. BONUS.DIRECT reserves the right to request proof of a deposit from a betting provider or casino after using multiple vouchers before further vouchers are awarded.

8. Vouchers are only valid for the owner of the respective BONUS.DIRECT personal account and may not be passed on to third parties. Passed on codes expire without replacement.

Applicable Law

1. The use of the online platform and all associated services and obligations are subject to the AGCO's regulations.

Final Clause

1. Should a provision of these GTC become wholly or partially invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions in the GTC.