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Best Sports Betting Sites | Ontario 2024

Legal & Licensed Ontario Sportsbooks

Although Ontario has set strict betting regulations, Ontarian's still have access to the most renowned betting sites out there!

Check out our list down below!

Content on this page
  • Overview of sports betting in Ontario, Canada
  • How to start sports betting in Ontario
  • Knowing how odds work
  • How do Moneylines work?
  • What are Spreads?
  • Over/Under Betting
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The best licensed online betting providers in Ontario

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Overview of sports betting in Ontario, Canada

  • All operators need to apply for the IGO (iGaming Ontario) license in order to operate
  • The legal age to bet in Ontario is 19+
  • There are 32 legal & licensed betting sites currently operating in Ontario
  • Bettors are not permitted to pay taxes on their winnings
  • Operators offer a wide variety of deposit & withdrawal options
  • Strict player protection policies

How to start sports betting in Ontario

1. Finding an operator

There is a vast selection of incredibly good betting sites out there. Sites such as 888Sport, Northstar Bets, Sports Interaction, the list just goes on. Each one is different though, from payment options all the way betting options & odds. It's important to find one that best suits you & the type of player you are. In order to do this players should read reviews, research odds & read through the T&C's. Most importantly make sure you are financially ready before you begin.

2. Register

It's quick & smooth when registering for an Ontario sportsbook. Now that you've chosen your preferred sportsbook on BONUS.DIRECT, click the link to their site and fill out all of your personal information correctly & you'll be ready in no time!

3. Depositing

Luckily all of Ontario's sportsbooks have a wide-variety of payment methods, from Visa & Mastercard, all the way to Amex & Crypto! These options do vary from platform to platform, not all sportsbooks are going to offer iDebit. Our lists mention the payment options offered by sportsbooks, just click the "Show more" button on the sportsbook and the payment options will pop right up.

4. Explore the options

Our partners offer an experience that's nothing short of fun. Sportsbooks such as Betano, Pointsbet, BetVictor & many more offer tons of betting markets & options. Are you into influencer boxing? Or maybe you love College Football. Wait no I know, you enjoy betting player props on MLB games. No matter what, there's always something you'll enjoy betting on. Futures, Over/Unders, Props, Parlays, Moneylines, it's all there.

5. Withdrawing your winnings

Sportsbooks vary on withdrawal times. Sportsbooks such as Tonybet have very quick withdrawals. On average most platforms take anywhere from 1-2 days. We mention this info on our reviews and lists because we know it's crucial to know before choosing your bookmaker of choice.
The process of withdrawing is as easy as the deposit. Go to the withdrawal section and choose your method of withdrawal. Bookmakers often prefer withdrawals to be made through the same option the player chose to deposit with.

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Knowing how odds work

Before we send you off on your betting endeavors, we'll explain how odds work & how to read them.

There are three types of odds:

American (ex. +100)
Decimal (ex. 2.00)
Fractional (ex. 1/1)

More times than not, you'll come across American odds, especially if you're playing on North American sites.

But how do you read them?

You'll notice the (+) & (-) signs. These indicate the favourite & the underdog.

A minus indicates the favourite & so it pays out less than your bet. The number next to the minus indicates how much you need to bet to make $100 profit.

Example: -120 odds means in order to make $100 profit, you'll need to bet $120.

A plus indicates the underdog, therefore it pays out more than your bet. The number next to the plus indicates how much you'll make if you bet $100.

Example: +120 odds will pay you out $120 profit if you bet $100.

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How do Moneylines work?

Moneylines are the most popular and straight forward bets in sports betting. These are wagers on who the bettor believes will be the outright winner of an event.

Example: If you think Inter Miami (-130) will beat Los Angeles FC (+150) when they face, you will bet on Inter Miami's (-130) moneyline.

What are Spreads?

You will often hear the phrase "Cover the spread" and think to yourself, what does that mean? Covering the spread means that a team (The favourite) won the game by a final margin greater than the spread or in the case of an underdog, lost by less points than the spread.

Example: Baltimore Ravens (-6.5) vs Dallas Cowboys (+6.5)

In this example the Ravens are the favourites, indicated by the negative numeral and the Cowboys are the underdogs, indicated by the + numeral. Now if you bet on the Ravens spread, this means you believe that they for one will win the game, but by more than 6.5 points. If your bet is on the Cowboys spread, they would need to lose by less than 6.5 points or outright win.

Over/Under Betting

Sportsbooks will predict a total number on a game, this can be the total points of a game, total points a player scores, etc., and it's up to the bettor to guess whether the number for that metric is higher or lower.

Example: Tyreek Hill Total Receiving Yards (89.5)

The bettor will choose whether they believe Tyreek Hill will score more or less than 89.5 yards.