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Direct+ is a premium online Gambling HUB with over 30,000 members and counting! When signed up you'll find our exclusive offers for Online Casinos, Sportsbooks, Free Spins, Free Bets & more! We also host free contests with elite prizes for winners!

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Unique Benefits of Direct+

Unlike most bonus finding sites, BONUS.DIRECT offers a free service for users to get the most out of their gambling experience. Direct+ can be seen as the bottle service of online gambling, minus the price tag, because we bring the most out of gambling, for free! We offer users not only the top bonuses that all visitors can redeem to get the most out of their deposits, but even more through our exclusive vouchers and offers you can't find anywhere else!

Here's a list of additional benefits Direct+ users can find:

Exclusive Cash Promos

Cash Promos are bonuses that are not subject to wagering requirements or any betting T&C's when redeemed on the betting site. Direct+ members are capable of redeeming these vouchers weekly! Although most of the Direct+ vouchers are mainly for new customers, we continuously negotiate for new vouchers with our partnering betting sites to keep the fun alive!

Yes, we also can't believe we do all of this for free...

1. Make your way over to our "Promotions" page by clicking on the user icon on the top left of your screen. Once there, you'll have all of our exclusive cash promos at your disposal.

2. Choose a promo & register with the corresponding site by clicking "Open an account" below the promo.

3. After signing up go back to the promos page and insert your username for the betting site, in the box above "Add account".

4. Once we have verified your account with the betting site, we will email your code.

5. We will also be providing you future offers for that betting account.

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Exclusive Deposit Promos

Deposit Promos are just like our cash promos, they don't come with any wagering requirements, other than your required deposit. The value of the voucher is dependant on how much you wish to deposit.

In order to receive a deposit voucher:

1. Go to our bonus request feature by clicking "bonus request" on the top left of your screen

2. input how much you'd like to deposit
Note: This request is free and non-binding, you do not need to deposit this cash if you have changed your mind.

You're done! Within 30 minutes you will receive our deals!

Exclusive Custom Bonuses

BONUS.DIRECT's bonus request feature is like no other on the market. All Direct+ users are able to request a customized bonus from our partners, tailored just for them.

The way it works is simple:

1. Direct+ members go to "Bonus Request" on their profile
2. Input how much they'd like to deposit for their custom bonus & whether they'd like a casino or sports betting bonus

Within thirty minutes
, custom bonuses will be showcased on the users Direct+ account.

That's it! Now the user has the opportunity to pick and choose which custom bonus he/she prefers.

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Free Betting Contests

We regularly host challenges on our site. These challenges are sports betting contests, where we give users a parlay and they have to guess the outcome perfectly to win prizes such as Amazon gift cards, video games, vouchers & more!

The best part about these contests are that they're completely free to enter!

Free betting contests

How to become a Direct+ member

Joining our community is quick and easy! All players need to do is go to the sign up section of our site, enter basic details such as their email & name, and they're ready to go!

After registering, please check your inbox & spam folder - to verify your registration, so we are data protection compliant.

Once logged in members have access to all of our exclusive offers, features, games and more!

Have fun & Welcome to Direct+

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