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Canada's Best VIP & Highroller Casino Bonuses and Sports Bonuses

VIP's and Highroller's have one thing in common – a passion for BIG STAKES & living life on the edge! Through VIP programs from the best online bookmakers and casino operators, these customers enjoy the benefits such as special bonus offers, cash, complimentary flights, concert tickets, and VIP tickets for sporting events! You can even meet a celebrity with a meet and greet! Maybe even Cristiano Ronaldo, although we can't promise anything.

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Content on this page
  • The contrast between a High Roller & a VIP
  • There's a wide range of VIP and High Roller programs
  • Join the BONUS.DIRECT VIP Club and receive VIP bonuses from the best bookmakers and casinos!
  • What to look out for in VIP and High Roller offers
  • How to Ball out: Steps to becoming a true High Roller
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Canada's top VIP Programs & High Roller Rewards

High Roller casinos have become a big deal in Canada's online casino industry these past few years. These sites welcome players wanting to place large bets by allowing them to deposit & withdraw large amounts of money, place big bets, granting them exclusively curated bonuses, giving them a designated VIP manager to help them where they may have trouble or if they have any questions, etc.

Here is our list of the top VIP programs in Canada:

The contrast between a High Roller & a VIP

As the name suggests, a High Roller is always about high stakes. Traditionally a term for casino go-ers, this term has also been adopted for those who partake in sports betting as well as online casinos. Many high rollers have turned the hobby into a profession and have become professional gamblers. One of the more known pros is Phil Ivey, who won his fortune in poker. Other well-known high rollers:
- Dan Bilzerian: Also a professional poker player and social media personality
- Don Johnson: Former notorious blackjack player who developed some sort blackjack strategy and won more than 15 million dollars within a year
- Richard Yong: Malaysian founder of the Triton Poker Series and successful High Stakes player. He actually won in his own series in 2018 and 2023

In contrast to a high roller, a VIP player doesn't necessarily play with high stakes at a high frequency, but that doesn't mean they don't experience the special treatment from casinos and betting providers for other reasons. Celebrities in particular are popular with gambling operators due to their external impact. An example of a VIP is Drake, who repeatedly advertises the crypto provider Stake as a testimonial.

Basically, a VIP or a High Roller program is usually a bonus program that you unlock when you make large bets over an extended period of time.

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There's a wide range of VIP and High Roller programs

1. VIP levels: With these level-based VIP programs, you work your way up to unlock higher levels of bigger stakes or other activities. An example of this is the well-known VIP Club at Stake. With the Stake VIP program, you reap the benefits such as rake-backs, reload bonuses, weekly boosts and many more at the higher levels.
2. Loyalty programs: Loyalty points programs are also widespread and very similar to VIP levels. Through consistent playing and higher stakes, you earn points, which you can then exchange for rewards. These rewards can include sporting event tickets for example, but of course also the classic bonus benefits such as free bets, extra credit, and so on.
3. Cashbacks: Here you receive a fraction of your losses back. This is advantageous for High Roller players, as it can make the difference whether you end up profitable or not. In addition to renowned casino sites such as Stake or Rabona, these offers can also be found on sports betting sites that convert part of the losses into a renewed chance to win.
4. Exclusive VIP programs: Some VIP programs aren't accessible to the public and are invite-only from the casino or sports betting site. In other words, the provider identifies which players spend enough to receive an invitation.

Highroller programs and rewards

Join the BONUS.DIRECT VIP Club and receive VIP bonuses from the best bookmakers and casinos!

Not only do our partners offer a VIP program but so do we!

These are the steps to joining the BONUS.DIRECT VIP program:

1. Make a bonus request for at least C$500
2. You will then receive special offers from us directly into your account in the event of a deposit with one of our partners

What are the advantages of the BONUS.DIRECT VIP program?

1. Better Bonuses: We negotiate bigger and better bonuses with the higher deposit amount.
Example: You receive a 100% up to C$500 bonus from a provider. When apart of the VIP program, you also receive real money credit depending on the deposit. In this case, this could be an additional C$50. With a deposit of C$500, you will receive a C$550 bonus credit instead of C$500 bonus credit. Just like that!
2. Faster service:
We're available for our VIP customers day and night. 24/7
3. Exclusive vouchers: VIP customers also love us for the exclusive promos we offer!

What to look out for in VIP and High Roller offers

1. Participation criteria: Some VIP program or high roller bonus may seem tempting at first glance, but turns out to be unrealistically difficult on closer inspection. For example, the requirements for bets can be so high at times that they don't go with one's gambling behaviour. In this case, it only makes sense to look for alternative programs that don't demand such high entry barriers.

2. Betting taxes: Is betting tax a thing in Canada? No. Fortunately the government of Canada does not ask for Casino and sports betting players to report any kind of gains or profits made on gambling. Unless you of course are involved in the business of gambling.

3. Limitations: High Roller's and VIP's have large sums of capital to play with. For this reason, limitations by the bookmaker are an obstacle, in the worst case you have to divide your planned betting stakes with several betting providers, which takes up a lot of time. BONUS.DIRECT takes over the entire process for VIP's and offers customers the "all-round carefree package" - our VIPs can thus focus on important things, such as winning.

We also negotiate profit, stake, and withdrawal limits for our customers so that there are no nasty surprises. Because no one wants to win big, and then have issues withdrawing because they haven't read the fine print in the terms and conditions. Because of this we expedite the withdrawal process of winnings for our customers.

4. Customer support: We understand that especially VIP players don't have time for the crap. So, having customer support that not only delivers a fast response time but a high quality of care, is an absolute must.

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How to Ball out: Steps to becoming a true High Roller

1. Discipline: First things first is to be disciplined. Don't run on emotions and set very clear limits for yourself
2. Start with big deposits: This shows a betting provider or online casino that you're a possible VIP. A large deposit will mean that providers want to keep you happy and will make offers that you wouldn't receive with small deposits.
3. Money management: Seek discipline - you must always have a good overview of how much money you have set and what your daily limits are. In addition, you should realistically assess your money situation and be able to compensate for possible losses.
4. Find the right VIP program: Instead of playing with many different providers, you should focus on one to get better VIP offers.
5. Negotiate correctly: Especially if you have already paid higher sums with a provider, you should negotiate directly with the bookmaker. Why get snubbed with a standard bonus if you're a VIP?
6. Know your strengths: Very few High Rollers are aces in all aspects of igaming. Focus on one game such as poker, blackjack, or sports betting. A jack of all trades is a master of none.

Become an ace in your game.

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