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The Best Formula 1 Sportsbooks and Bonuses

Learn how to bet on the F1 with BONUS.DIRECT

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Every year we're fortunate enough to witness amazing races between the best drivers, on tracks from some of the most beautiful places in the world! With 20 Grand Prix races every year in 20 separate countries, Formula 1 has become one of the most global and popular sports! It even pulls in over 500 million T.V viewers annually!

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  • Types of F1 betting bonuses
  • The Official F1 2023 Grand Prix Calendar
  • History of Formula 1
  • F1 betting strategies
  • Reload at BONUS.DIRECT's pit stop
  • Review the bonuses' T&C's before redeeming it
  • F1 Outrights and Props
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  • Futures and Live betting on the F1 track
  • F1 Facts
  • Technology and Innovation in Formula 1
  • A prestigious sport calls for some prestigious bonuses
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F1 car crossing finish line

Best Formula 1 Sportsbooks

100% up to $500
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  • Min. Deposit: $10
  • The first deposit amount up to $500 must be played through 1 time (1x) at minimum odds of 2.0/100
  • This bonus can only be used on odds of 1.5/-200 or higher
  • The bonus is valid for 30 days
  • The initial bonus amount must be staked 12 times
  • Stakes must not exceed $250 on any bet. Any amount above $250 staked with bonus funds will be accepted but only $250 will count towards the rollover requirements
  • The maximum amount that can be gained from this bonus is $4,000
  • PowerPlay GTC's apply
Free Bet up to $200
50 Bonus Spins
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  • The 100% Free Bet will be automatically credited to the Free Bet Balance within 30 minutes of the first bet placed settling as a loss
  • This offer is valid for 7 days from your new account being registered
  • 50 Free Spins ($0.10/spin) on Power Play Gold
  • The Bonus spins will expire 7 days after the player is awarded them
  • Betway General Terms and Conditions apply

Types of F1 betting bonuses

Our sportsbook partners provide numerous types of betting bonuses, helping you bet with more and increase your potential payouts!

Here we have a list of the various bonuses you can receive:

  • Welcome Bonuses: Welcome bonuses are specifically handed out to first time users on a sportsbook. They often come in the form of a matched deposit, which is a percentage of your initial deposit.
  • Deposit Bonuses: Deposit bonuses are given to existing players the majority of the time. These bonuses can be a percentage match or a fixed amount added to your deposit.
  • Free Bets: Free bets are popular bonuses in baseball betting. With a free bet, the sportsbook gives you a certain amount of money to wager without using your own funds. If your free bet wins, you typically receive the winnings minus the original free bet amount.
  • Risk-Free Bets: As the name suggests, risk-free bets provide a safety net for your wager. If your first bet on a baseball game loses, the sportsbook refunds your stake up, either completely or to a certain amount, allowing you to have another go at betting without incurring any major losses.
  • Odds Boosts: Some sportsbooks offer odds boosts on specific games or outcomes. This means that the odds are increased, providing higher payouts.
  • Loyalty Bonuses: Loyalty programs reward players for their continued betting activity. Sportsbooks may offer loyalty bonuses, such as cashback on losses, special promotions, or exclusive bonuses.

The Official F1 2023 Grand Prix Calendar

Following a thrilling 22-race season last year, this year's calendar is set to expand with a total of 23 races. We were set to see 24, but the Chinese Grand Prix was canceled with no replacement.

Adding to the excitement, the season will feature six sprint races held on Saturdays, preceding the Grand Prix events. These sprints cover a shorter distance, approximately 100 kilometers, and last between 25 to 30 minutes. Qualifying sessions for these sprint races are scheduled for Fridays.

Without further ado, here's the much-anticipated Formula 1 race calendar for 2023:

  • 03-05 March: Bahrain Grand Prix (Sakhir)
  • 17-19 March: Saudi Arabian Grand Prix (Jedda)
  • 31-02 April: Australian Grand Prix (Melbourne)
  • 16 April: Chinese Grand Prix (cancelled without replacement)
  • 28-30 April: Azerbaijan Grand Prix (Baku)
  • 05-07 May: Miami Grand Prix (Miami Gardens, FL)
  • 19-21 May: Emilia Romagna Grand Prix (Imola)
  • 26-28 May: Monaco Grand Prix (Monte Carlo)
  • 02-04 June: Spanish Grand Prix (Barcelona)
  • 16-18 June: Canadian Grand Prix (Montréal)
  • 30-02 July: Austrian Grand Prix (Spielberg)
  • 07-09 July: British Grand Prix (Silverstone)
  • 21-23 July: Hungarian Grand Prix (Mogyoród)
  • 28-30 July: Belgian Grand Prix (Spa)
  • 25-27 August: Dutch Grand Prix (Zandvoort)
  • 01-03 September: Italian Grand Prix (Monza)
  • 15-17 September: Singapore Grand Prix (Singapore)
  • 22-24 September: Japanese Grand Prix (Suzuka)
  • 06-08 October: Qatar Grand Prix (Lusail)
  • 20-22 October: United States Grand Prix (Austin, TX)
  • 27-29 October: Mexico City Grand Prix (Mexico City)
  • 03-05 November: São Paulo Grand Prix (São Paulo)
  • 16-18 November: Las Vegas Grand Prix (Las Vegas, NV)
  • 24-26 November: Abu Dhabi Grand Prix (Abu Dhabi)

History of Formula 1

Let's take it back a bit.

The history of Formula 1 stretches back to the early 20th century. What started as a quest for speed and engineering excellence quickly evolved into a global motorsport spectacle. The roots of Formula 1 can be traced to the European Grand Prix motor racing of the 1920s and 1930s, but it was in 1950 when the inaugural Formula One World Championship season took place.

Since then, the sport has witnessed incredible, drivers leaving an undeniable mark on its history. Icons like Juan Manuel Fangio, Ayrton Senna, and Michael Schumacher have shaped the sport's legacy with their driving prowess and fierce rivalries.

Throughout the years, Formula 1 has adapted to changing times and faced challenges, including safety concerns and regulatory shifts. But it has consistently maintained its status as the pinnacle of motorsport, captivating millions of fans worldwide.

Formula 1 is a testament to the pursuit of human ingenuity and the thrill of speed, and it continues to inspire future generations of drivers, engineers, and racing enthusiasts.

F1 betting strategies

Here are a couple strategies we recommend bettors to consider, before placing an F1 bet:

Line Shopping: This strategy is all about comparing odds from different sportsbooks. Sportsbooks offer different odds on races, meaning some offer better deals than others. Finding the best possible odds will maximize your profits.

Analyzing pre-season testing: All teams go through testing, allowing bettors to get an idea of how a team will perform.

Off track tensions: Drivers during the off-season re-negotiate contracts, or even talk about leaving their teams, sometimes these circumstances lead to drama causing drivers to not perform their best.

Know the car: Some cars perform better than others in different weather and knowing which ones can perform in either extreme heat or cold, can help when making bets on the various grand prix's.

Know the driver: Drivers have different preferences for when it comes to the tracks. Research each drivers performance history on specific tracks before placing bets on them.

F1 betting strategies

Reload at BONUS.DIRECT's pit stop

Whether you're a pro at betting on the track or a freshman, we got you covered with our top reload bonuses! By depositing funds into your account, you're eligible for reload bonuses. These bonuses are extra funds to bet with, helping you get more out of your wagers! If you'd like a custom reload bonus, click the button below or click here to learn more.

Here's are the reload bonuses sportsbooks offer:

  • Percentage match - this is the percentage your deposit will increase by. You're typically given between 50% and 100% of your deposit.
  • Free bet - Free bets are betting credits that are given either with or without a deposit from the user.
  • Odds boost - Odds boosts increase the standard odds, offering bigger payouts! Example: instead of a +170, you will receive an odds boost making it +300. But do keep in mind that odds boosts are very limited to specific races and events.
Formula 1 Reload Bonuses

Review the bonuses' T&C's before redeeming it

It's crucial to read the bonuses terms and conditions, especially when looking at a bonus from a bookmaker you're not familiar with. At times, bonuses can look very good at face value but can come with terrible wagering requirements, so it's important to double check if it's even worth redeeming.

Here are some conditions bonuses come with:

1. Rollover
- A rollover, also known as a minimum turnover, is basically the amount of times you need to wager with the bonus and your deposit, before withdrawal.

2. Minimum odds
- Not all bonuses can be freely used on any bet. The bookmaker can demand for the bonus to only be used on specific odds.

3. Time limit
- You often have a time limit in which you have to use the bonus or complete the requirements by.

F1 Outrights and Props


Outright betting is the most common and simplest type of bet in the F1 world. it's simply just choosing the outright winner of the race. A negative odd means the racer is a favourite and a posiitve means they're an underdog.


Lewis Hamilton winning can have an odds of -150, meaning if you bet C$150, you're paid out C$100.

Max Verstappen winning can have odds of +200, meaning if you bet C$100, you're paid out C$200)

What's great about F1 races, is that there are a lot of underdogs with odds reaching -50000, so if you're confident in your underdog, the payout can be absolutely insane.


Some sportsbooks offer props for F1 races


Fastest qualifier

Top three finishers

Top 10 finishers

Qualifying winning margin

F1 cars blue and orange background

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Futures and Live betting on the F1 track


Futures bets wagers placed on long-term outcomes, such as the Driver's Championship, Constructor's Championship, etc.

It's important to analyze the previous season and take the time to carefully make your decisions for these outcomes. Since these bets are placed well before the outcomes are determined, the odds can be high, especially if you correctly predict an underdog team victorious.


Live betting on the F1 gives you the chance to respond to the changing dynamics of the race. As the action goes on, you can pick up on momentum shifts & adapt to evolving odds.

Don't only monitor the game, but also what the commentators can be analyzing. They have been in the industry for so long, so picking up on a few things they may notice can give you some significant insight.

Racer celebrating

F1 Facts

Forumla 1 racing has been around for quite sometime now, offering a lot of time for interesting and exciting things to have occurred!

Here are some of our favourite facts about the F1:

  • The 2021 US Grand Prix was the highest attended Formula 1 race ever, with over 400,000 fans making it to the circuit.
  • Juan Manuel Fangio has the best winning percentage ever with an impressive 46.15%, coming out on top 24 out of 52 times.
  • Formula 1 cars have the most complicated wheels in all of racing. Each wheel has 20 buttons with different functions.
  • Ferrari is the most successful team in F1, having 15 championships under their belt, even thought they haven't won in 15 years.
  • 2 drivers have actually crashed into the Mediterranean sea in the Monaco Grand Prix.

Technology and Innovation in Formula 1

Formula 1 has always been at the forefront of technological innovation in the world of motorsport. Throughout its history, the sport has embraced cutting-edge technology and engineering advancements to push the boundaries of speed and performance.

From aerodynamics and materials to power units and data analytics, Formula 1 teams invest heavily in research and development to gain a competitive edge. The sport's relentless pursuit of innovation has not only elevated its racing spectacle but also contributed to advancements in the automotive industry. Formula 1 serves as a testing ground for new technologies that eventually make their way into road cars, making the sport a driving force in shaping the future of transportation. As Formula 1 continues to evolve, its commitment to technological progress remains a defining aspect of the sport's appeal and enduring legacy.

F1 pit stop

A prestigious sport calls for some prestigious bonuses

High Roller Bonuses

High Roller bonuses take the VIP lifestyle to a whole new level. When you're a High Roller, expect incredible perks such as top of the line deposit bonuses, personalized account managers, faster withdrawals, invitations to exclusive events, and even expensive gifts!

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Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs work as points-based systems. The more you bet, the more points you accumulate. Climb the point levels to unlock a wider range of rewards such as free bets, odds boosts, priority customer support, and even exclusive access to special events such a grand prix.

High Roller & VIP Bonuses

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