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Hot Deals Currently offered on BONUS.DIRECT

We have a betting bonus for everyone!
BONUS.DIRECT Hot deals, Canada

Sports Betting and Casino offers

Discover our best sports betting and casino offers from the top operators in Canada. These enticing deals include Free Bets, Custom Bonuses, Welcome Bonuses, Boosted Odds, Reload Bonuses and more!

If you're having trouble deciding which bookmaker/casino best suits you, take a peek at our operator reviews, that may help you in your decision making process. At BONUS.DIRECT you can also find an overview of the different payment providers sorted by category

Since our deals are limited-time and quantity-limited offers, as well as being consistently updated, make sure to stop by regularly for the best offers on the market!

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  • Current betting bonus offers from the top sportsbooks and online casinos
  • Get the most out of your deposit with a custom bonus from us!
  • Free Bets: Risk-free fun with offers on BONUS.DIRECT
  • BONUS.DIRECT promo codes
  • Odds Boost on BONUS.DIRECT
  • VIP & High Roller betting bonuses
Bonus Direct's Hot Deals

Current betting bonus offers from the top sportsbooks and online casinos

With the classic betting bonus, you receive a percentage of your deposit as a bonus.

Example: A betting provider has an offer of 200% up to C$200 for new customers. This means that as a new customer can receive a maximum of C$200 in bonus credit. In this case, the maximum deposit to reach the C$200 bonus is C$100. Because 200% of C$100 is C$200. Bonus offers are aimed at either new customers, existing customers, or both. However, the new customer betting bonus is the most common.

It's important to always compare provider bonus conditions, as they mention what requirements need to be fulfilled before you can withdraw your winnings. At BONUS.DIRECT we have listed the best bonus offers for sports betting, online casinos, and virtual slot games for you.

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Get the most out of your deposit with a custom bonus from us!

A custom bonus is a special feature only available at BONUS.DIRECT!

A custom bonus is a bonus negotiated with the sportsbook/casino by us, to accompany your deposit. Our custom bonuses are better than the bonus offers found on the market, it doesn't get any better than this!.

Example: A provider has a 100% up to C$100 bonus. Normally, you would receive a maximum of C$100 in bonus credit. With us however, you can receive C$125 instead of the C$100, i.e. C$25 extra. In the end, the higher the deposit amount, the better the bonus.

This is how it works: You have to make a bonus request. You can do this with us free of charge and without obligation. The operators see your bonus request - of course anonymously - and can make you a special offer that does not otherwise exist!

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Free Bets: Risk-free fun with offers on BONUS.DIRECT

Free Bet: The free bet is a betting credit that can be used risk-free. If the bet is won, then the winnings are sent to the users account, but the the free betting credit is deducted.

An example: You get C$10 free bet from your betting operator, you bet these C$10 on odds of 2.0 - you then win, so the following calculation results in: C$10 x 2.0 = C$20. Now the credit of the free bet will be deducted. So, from the C$20, C$10 will be deducted, therefore you end up with a C$10 profit.

Now there's another type of free bet, where you can keep the profit plus the free betting credit. This free betting bonus is the better one of course.

Example: If you place this type of free bet with a betting operator of C$15 at an odds of 2.00, you win C$30. You can then keep the entire amount, i.e. betting balance plus profit.

Always read and understand the conditions of the provider carefully, to make sure what the type of free bet is being offered.

BONUS.DIRECT promo codes

BONUS.DIRECT's promo codes are the best exclusive offers on the market that are only available to our users.

We often offer promo codes in combination with an individual deposit bonus. On top of receiving very enticing bonus offers, often offered to new customers, some of which reach up to 400%, you can accompany it with one of our promo codes to receive an even better bonus! We also offer casino bonus promo codes for the top casinos in Canada.

You deposit C$25 with a 100% bonus on your favourite sportsbook or casino operator via Paypal. You receive C$50 credited to your betting account, we will increase this amount for you by another C$25 through a betting promo code. You started off with C$25 and now have C$75 worth of betting power!

We currently offer many different and enticing promo codes for well-known providers in Canada. Always check back with us since these are constantly being updated! Don't miss out!

Odds Boost on BONUS.DIRECT

Over the last few years, boosted odds has become an integral part in the world of sports betting. As the name implies, Boosted Odds works by enhancing or increasing the odds for sporting events. By taking advantage of an odds boost, you can enjoy significantly improved odds compared to the standard offerings. This makes betting on boosted odds particularly enticing. However, it's important to be mindful of any restrictions or limitations that may apply to bets with odds boosts, including specific wager amounts.

At BONUS.DIRECT we regularly offer odds boosts, but these are often only available at short notice, which is why it is best to subscribe to our newsletter or betting calendar.

There's a wide variety of bookmakers offering different boosted odds. Often the odds are increased by 1/X/2. Often, however, some bookies provide different combinations with an odds boost.

Example: In a game of two balanced teams, the odds increase can be: The game ends draw and both teams score, base odds for this type of bet would be 4.8 - but the bookmaker offers 7.5. But be sure to read the T&C's, because some betting sites offer these odds boosts for new customers only.

Bonus.directss Odds Boosts

VIP & High Roller betting bonuses

These offers are tailored to cater to players who bet larger sums of money.

The term High Roller originated from the lavish casino scene, and refers to players known for their extravagant lifestyles, such as flying to Las Vegas on private jets and enjoying luxurious accommodations.

In the online sports betting and casino industry, these players are highly valued and generously rewarded. At BONUS.DIRECT, we provide our own VIP Club and High Roller services for passionate sports betting and casino enthusiasts. We collaborate with reputable sports betting and casino providers to deliver exceptional service to this esteemed customer group. High Rollers can expect welcome betting bonus offers that can reach several thousand dollars! VIP and high Roller customers also enjoy personalized client service, VIP tickets to exclusive events, unforgettable trips, and even cash rewards, ensuring their complete satisfaction.

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