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Odds Boost Promotions | Canada 2024

Best Offers on the Market

Gain the Most Out of Your Bet With Boosted Odds

Looking to find the best possible odds for your next bet? Look no further than down below, where we have curated the best sportsbooks on the market that consistently offer odds boost promotions!

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  • Here are some bookmakers regularly offering odds boosts
  • What is an Odds Boost?
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Odds Boosts
  • Additional questions you may have regarding odds boosts
  • Can you create a surebet using an odds boost?
  • Get your individual bonus now: Free and with zero fees!
Bonus.directss Odds Boosts

Here are some bookmakers regularly offering odds boosts

Here are some betting providers offering odds boosts regularly. Many bookmakers use the Odds boost as part of their welcome bonus offer. It's an extremely popular marketing tool for incentivizing new customers. But there's also offers for existing customers, but always check the bonus conditions carefully to make sure that you qualify for the odds boost.

Here is a selection of the betting providers that regularly offer Odds boosts:

Bet99 Odds Boosts

Bet99 is a Canadian operator with the main focus of sports betting on a wide-variety of markets. Promotions on their site never get boring, at the start of most sports seasons they'll have odds boosts to give users a better chance at winning more. Odds boosts can be found for not only individual wagers, but also parlays for those big bucks!

Combine your boosted odds with our Exclusive Bet99 Welcome Bonus of 100% up to C$600!

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on Bet99 via BONUS.DIRECT's link to redeem this top sports betting offer!

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Sports Interaction Odds Boosts

Sports Interaction is another Canadian Sportsbook. Having a main focus on local markets, as well as many others, has it as a real fan favourite. Players can find plenty of odds boosts with ease. They offer Odds Boost promos under their "Promotions" page and on their homepage, located on the slider at the top of the page. Users can filters through boosted odds for NBA, NHL, NFL, etc.

Sign up on Sports Interaction via BONUS.DIRECT's link and receive up to C$1,000 on your first deposit!

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888Sports Odds Boosts

888Sports is a veteran sportsbook in the industry. Being established two decades ago has given them the time to grow and mature as a bookie. They offer plenty of top promotions for both sports betting and online casino. When going onto their site you can find parlay boosts, individual wager odds boosts, and more! Check out their various markets to view wagers with boosted odds, or go to their bonus page to see general odds boost bonuses!

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Tonybet Odds Boosts

Tonybet is a great site to go to when looking for boosted odds, as they have some of the top offers you can find on the market. They're a reliable yet fair operator. The interface is quite simple and easy to understand, especially for newbies. Once finished betting, you'll notice very quick withdrawals from their site.

Combine the Tonybet welcome bonus offer of 100% up to C$350 with an odds boost today!

Visit the site via BONUS.DIRECT's link to redeem the welcome offer.

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Betano Odds Boosts

Betano is a special case when it comes to odds boosts. They don't necessarily offer odds boosts to individual wagers, but they offer a parlay booster. The way it works is that when a player's parlay wins, Betano will grant the player a 50% extra on their winnings.

Find the parlay booster, go to their "Offers" page.

T&C's apply

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William Hill Odds Boosts

Last but not least, we present William Hill. They have become a top dog in the industry, bringing users a great and yet fair betting experience. Check out their site via BONUS.DIRECT's link to find great odds boosts, sure to up your winning potential significantly!

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What is an Odds Boost?

An odds boost is a simple concept: it increases the betting odds for a sports wager. Some boosts focus on 1X2 outcomes, while others involve multiple events happening simultaneously, there's a variety of different types. The great thing about odds boosts is that they increase the original odds many times over. So, it's common for a pre-match odd to be boosted from 1.8 all the way up to 50.00. Of course, in these cases the maximum use is very limited.

It should also be noted that some betting providers link an odds boost with a new customer bonus, making it available once. However, there's odds boosts for existing customers.

In summary, odds boosts help win much more than the standard betting odds and maximize the possible profit.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Odds Boosts


1. Significantly higher odds: The biggest advantage of odds boosts are, of course, the better odds compared to standard odds. Of course, the higher the odds the bigger the payout.
2. For new and existing customers: Odds boosts aren't only offered for new customers, especially around major events, betting providers are looking for ways to make their existing customers happy.
3. Compatible with other bonuses: Some betting providers such as allow you to use otther bonus credit with odds boosts.


1. Limitation:
The stake you can place with odds boosts is often limited severely. At times you're only allowed to place bets with a maximum of C$5-C$10
2. Winnings cannot be paid out in real money: In some cases, winnings are not distributed in real money
3. Wagering requirements & minimum odds: Odds boosts almost always come with with wagering requirements and minimum odds

Odds Boosts pros and cons

Additional questions you may have regarding odds boosts

1. Instead of odds boost, terms such as odds boost, enhanced odds, or increased odds are often used. They all mean the same thing: the increase of standard odds
2. Where can I find odd boost? We regularly present them on our site. We also present them in our betting calendar, which will be coming soon for Canada.
3. How does the payment of odds boosts work? This varies from bookmaker to bookmaker, which is why it's always recommended to read the terms and conditions and the wagering requirements carefully. With the bwin odds boosts, for example, the winnings are credited in the form of real money. In other words, you can then have them paid out immediately.


Can you create a surebet using an odds boost?

With a Surebet you can achieve a 100% win. As the word "Surebet" already expresses, this betting strategy is a safer than most. No matter how the game ends, you always end up with a win!

The bets are placed on different outcomes, so in the end one of these bets will be a winner. In turn, surebets aren't possible if you place them with the same betting provider, since the betting odds are calculated in such a way that it won't work. You therefore have to place your bets with different bookmakers in order to definitely get a win.

Example of a Surebet in tennis:

Bookmaker A quotes tennis player A with 2.00
Bookmaker B quotes tennis player B with 2.10

Now you bet C$10 at bookmakers A and B - you get your money back if player A wins, there's no loss, but also no profit. If player B wins, you receive C$21 in profit.

You won't make money fast with surebets, but a constant drop hollows the stone and many betting professionals use this betting strategy to achieve regular wins.

Now back to the question: Is it possible to use odds boosts for a surebet?

This depends on the boosts conditions of the individual bookies. Some bookies pay out the profit from an odds boost by means of promo codes or free bets. Since you have to use these again on more bets before making a payout, a surebet strategy isn't helpful.

Also keep in mind that the stakes for an odds boost are limited, also making a surest strategy pointless. Often there are high odds boosts only for new customers and here, too, the possible betting is limited.

Enhanced odds that are offered without restrictions can be much more useful. In the end, surebets require a lot of precise analysis of matches you want to bet on to continuously keep winning.

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