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Free Bets With No Deposit

Receive your Free Bet Today, at BONUS.DIRECT!

Free bets with and without deposit, Canada

Here you find our Free Bets with and without deposit for Canada. We regularly negotiate the best offers in the country for our users. Whether it's for sports betting or online casinos, we have it! In addition, we offer the ability to request for a custom bonus to receive the best free bet possible that you won't find elsewhere!

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  • What's a Free Bet No Deposit?
  • The two types of Free Bets with Deposit
  • Exclusively at BONUS.DIRECT: Request a custom free bet with deposit
  • Free sports bets
  • Casino free bets
  • Free Bets on sign up
  • Risk-free bonus bets
  • Reload and High Roller Bonuses | Tailored just for you
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Free Bets

$7 Free Bet No Deposit
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Exclusive to BONUS.DIRECT! Redeem a $7.00 Free Bet today! Plus when you deposit a minimum of $30 on Stake via our link, you receive 200% up to $1,000 on your deposit!

  • Sign up at Stake via our link
  • Use promo CODE: "BONUSDIRECT" when registering
  • This offer is only valid for new customers
C$5 Free Bet No Deposit
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Betsamigo is giving all new customers from BONUS.DIRECT a $5 Free Bet. Exclusive to BONUS.DIRECT!

  • Register with Bets Amigo via our link
  • To receive your free bet, contact Bets Amigo, ( or live chat) and send this link
  • Please enter your USER ID from Bets Amigo into your BONUS.DIRECT account, as we can then make you further offers from Bets Amigo and other providers
$10 Free Bet No Deposit
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BonusBet is giving all new BONUS.DIRECT customers a $10 Free Bet. Exclusive to BONUS.DIRECT!

  • Register at BonusBet via our link
  • Contact BonusBet ( or live chat), describe your request and send the link.
  • Done! You'll be receiving your free bet just like that!
$15 Free Bet No Deposit
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Svenplay is giving all new BONUS.DIRECT customers a C$15 Free Bet. Exclusively only at BONUS.DIRECT, so apply for your Free Bet now!

  • Sign up at Svenplay via our link
  • Contact Svenplay ( or via Live-Chat) and send them this link
  • Enter your Svenplay email address into your BONUS.DIRECT account at the "My betting accounts" page, as we will be providing more vouchers/Free Bets for you in the next few days (Optional)

What's a Free Bet No Deposit?

A free bet no deposit is another risk-free bet that you can wager. This time there's no need to deposit funds, as the name suggests. If the bet's won, then the winnings are sent to the betting account, but the bonus (free bet) will be deducted.

An example: You get a C$10 Free Bet from the operator. You then place the C$10 bet with odds of 2.00 – you win the bet, the calculation is as follows: C$10 x 2.00 = C$20 profit. The Free Bet amount will then be deducted from you, therefore you're left with a C$10 profit.

The two types of Free Bets with Deposit

Before getting into the example, a free bet is a way sports betting sites and casinos incentivize users to bet using their platforms. A free bet is either a free amount of money to bet with or it can come in the form of free slots for casino sites!

1: For the first type of free bet, the winnings from the bet are sent to the player's account, but the free bet is deducted. An example: You receive a C$20 free bet from your betting provider and bet on odds of 3.00. When you win the bet, you receive: C$20 x 3.0 = C$60. Now, however, the amount of the free bet will be deducted, i.e. C$60 minus C$20. Your profit is ultimately C$40.

2: The second type of free bet allows the user to keep the winnings as well as the bonus. Let's use the same example as before. You keep the C$20 and the C$40, therefore your profit ends up being C$60. These types are much more lucrative compared to first type. However, it's important to check the bonus conditions, as the promotion amount is usually subject to certain wagering requirements.

It's also important to note that free bets are often handed out to new customers.

Exclusively at BONUS.DIRECT: Request a custom free bet with deposit

The advantage to requesting bonuses via BONUS,DIRECT I that you increase your bonus balance, giving you the best free bet possible on the market!

Example: a betting provider offers 100% up to C$100 on your first deposit. With us, however, you receive another C$25 on top.

Keep in mind these offers are limited and we must receive a bonus request from you to see if an exclusive offer is available.

The bonus request is non-binding with zero fees.

Try it out, make a bonus request and start betting with more today!

Request form

Free sports bets

If that parlay is holding some crazy odds but seems too risky to bet with your own money, take advantage of the free sports bets we offer here!

At BONUS.DIRECT we make sure to cater and take care of all our users. We not only offer the best possible deal for casino go-ers, but we also offer top-tier deals for all sports fans! Whether you're a new customer or an existing one, BONUS.DIRECT has free sports bets for you!

One of the free sports bets we are currently offering is Svenplay's C$15 Free Bet! Click the deal below and get your C$5 free bet today!

There's only an upside when you bet with BONUS.DIRECT by your side!

Svenplay $15 voucher

Casino free bets

Discover exciting and exclusive opportunities at BONUS.DIRECT, where the best casino free bets are just a few clicks away! Our platform has become a haven for countless enthusiasts seeking the ultimate deals for casinos. There's no need to look any further – we're proud to offer deals that are simply unmatched by any other site.

Imagine immersing yourself in the excitement of the tables or your favourite slots, all while enjoying incredible deals tailored just for you. Whether you're a seasoned card player aiming to beat the dealer at blackjack or a slots enthusiast looking for that next big win, BONUS.DIRECT has the perfect deal to elevate your gaming experience.

What sets us apart is our commitment to delivering unbeatable offers!

Get your free bet today, it's a no brainer!

Casino roulette

Free Bets on sign up

While BONUS.DIRECT offers free bets for current customers, some free bets offered by bookmakers are only available on sign up.

Only new customers are eligible for these free bets.

One of our free bets on sign up that we are currently offering is a C$10 free bet by the renowned, BonusBet! Click the link to redeem your free $10 bet today!

Bonusbet promotion

Risk-free bonus bets

Risk-free bonus bets, also known as second chances, can come in many different forms. The three main forms are:

Free bets: If you're given a free bet in return for your loss, you can use the free bet to make your money back. Remember, you only get to keep the winnings if your free bet wins.

Site Credit: Site credit is similar to a free bet, but they come with withdrawal requirements, making the process a bit more complicated before having the ability to withdraw. You'll need to fulfill these requirements before you can get your hands on the cash.

Cash Back: Cash back is a full refund on your loss. You can either play with this bonus amount or instantly withdraw with zero complications.

Some operators offer large risk-free bets, giving players a peace of mind when betting large.


A bookmaker offers up to a $1,000 second chance.

If you bet $1,000 on the Baltimore Ravens moneyline (+100) vs. Kansas City Chiefs and they win, you'll of course receive $2,000.

Now, if you lose you'll receive $1,000 back in free betting credits!

Can I keep the free bet if I win after using it?

More times than not, no. Unless it's cash back. These bonuses are often just given out to give the player a second chance at winning. Although it shouldn't matter too much because you received a second shot at winning!

Baltimore Ravens

Additional risk-free betting terms

Do I need to use my risk-free bet all at once?

This will vary depending on the sportsbook, so always read the T&C's to make sure. Luckily at BONUS.DIRECT we gotcha! We list the most important T&C's.

Note: We always recommend our users to do their own due diligence.

Some sportsbooks give the risk-free bet to be used however the player would like. Most players break up the credit into small chunks, decreasing risk.

Other sportsbooks give the betting credit to be used all at once on one wager. Which isn't the most ideal, as putting all your eggs in one basket is never a good strategy for winning.

Can I withdraw my risk-free bet?

In a perfect world, yes. Unfortunately this isn't a perfect world and risk-free bets often cannot be withdrawn. You may only withdraw the winnings. The only exception is if the sportsbooks hands out a cash back reward. This will always be mentioned in the T&C's.

Reload and High Roller Bonuses | Tailored just for you

Opposite to bonuses for new customers, the reload bonus is a bonus offered to existing customers. It's a way to thank loyal customers and keep them happy. Although bonuses for existing customers are rarer than new customer bonuses and you can easily hop on BONUS.DIRECT and request for one!

The VIP or High Roller bonus is significantly better than the standard bonus offers. Some bonuses reach up to several thousand dollars. However, a higher deposit is also required. Once you send in your bonus request to us, we then begin the negotiation process with our partners and after finalizing the exclusive offers, we send them straight into your account.

Again, the request is free of charge and with zero hidden fees. So, always feel free to try it out!

Reload and VIP
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