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Top UFC Bookmakers in Canada 2024

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The growth of the UFC has been nothing short of remarkable, transitioning from an underground phenomenon to a mainstream sensation that has captivated a huge audience.

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  • Get your custom UFC betting bonus now: Free and with zero fees!
  • What is the UFC and how does it work?
  • The basic rules and weight classes of the UFC
  • Key factors to consider when betting on UFC fights
  • Analyzing fighter styles and matchups
  • Let the money roll in with a Reload Bonus
  • The Moneyline and Parlay
  • Prop betting on the UFC
  • Live betting on UFC Fights
  • Which sportsbook has the best UFC betting offers in Canada?
  • Loyalty programs and High Roller bonuses in UFC Betting
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Top UFC Sportsbooks Canada

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What is the UFC and how does it work?

The UFC is a powerhouse in the world of combat sports, making a name for itself since its establishment in the late 1990s. Over the years, it has gained immense popularity, rising to the top among sports like basketball, baseball, and hockey. Despite facing challenges and criticism, the UFC never backed down and emerged as a globally renowned sporting association.

Similar to other combat sports, the UFC organizes events featuring multiple fight cards. Each card showcases two skilled fighters who go head-to-head in the octagon, providing intense and exhilarating matchups for fans. These fights consist of five rounds, with each round lasting five minutes and one-minute intervals in between.

The basic rules and weight classes of the UFC

The UFC has come a long way from its humble beginnings and has evolved to become a more refined version of itself. In the earlier days, the rules were relatively minimal, but as time went on, the UFC implemented a more comprehensive set of regulations. Initially, fights had no time limits or rounds, and the only ways to win were through submission or knockout.

Today, the UFC has a set of basic rules. These rules explicitly prohibit:

eye gouging, strikes to the groin, strikes to the back of the head, and kneeing grounded opponents.

Down below is the list of Weight Classes recognized in the UFC.

  • Lightweight: 145lbs - 155lbs
  • Welterweight: 155lbs - 170lbs
  • Middleweight: 170lbs - 185lbs
  • Light Heavyweight: 185lbs - 205lbs
  • Heavyweight: 205lbs - 265lbs
UFC Weigh-in

Key factors to consider when betting on UFC fights

First off, it's crucial to look at the fighters themselves. Take a close look at their fighting styles, skills, and previous performances. Are they more of a striker or grappler? How well do they defend themselves? Checking out their records and recent form will give you an idea of their consistency and how they measure up against their opponents. It's also worth considering physical attributes like size, reach, and resting weight class, as these can impact a fighter's strengths and weaknesses.

The context of the fight is another factor to think about. Where is the fight taking place? Is it on a fighter's home turf or a neutral ground? Keep an eye out for any external factors like injuries, recent weight cut struggles, or changes in training camps, as these can affect a fighter's performance. Also, consider the motivation behind the fight. Is there a title shot at stake or a personal rivalry? Understanding the stakes and the mindset of the fighters can provide valuable insights.

Analyzing fighter styles and matchups

When it comes to successful UFC betting, understanding fighter styles and matchups can give you a significant edge. Each fighter brings a unique style into the octagon, and analyzing their approach can help you make more accurate predictions. By studying their striking techniques, grappling skills, and defensive abilities, you can uncover valuable insights into how they are likely to perform against specific opponents.

Furthermore, examining the matchups themselves is crucial. Consider factors such as the fighters' strengths and weaknesses in relation to each other.

Assessing how their strengths and weaknesses align or counteract each other can help you gauge the potential outcomes and make more informed betting decisions. Also, look into their previous fights and performances against opponents with similar styles to see if they performed poorly or well.

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Let the money roll in with a Reload Bonus

Whether you're a seasoned UFC bettor or a newcomer who has already claimed a welcome bonus, reload bonuses help to increase your betting budget. By replenishing your account with funds, sportsbooks reward you with extra bonuses!

Reload bonuses can come in several different forms, mainly:

1. Percentage match
2. Free bet
3. Odds boost

For every dollar you deposit, you receive additional bonus funds, increasing your potential winnings!

You can receive reload bonuses through the lists we provide on our Reload page or you can request one by clicking the button below!

UFC reload bonuses

The Moneyline and Parlay

Let's talk about two popular bet types: Moneylines and Parlays.


First up, we have moneylines. It's the bread and butter of betting, where you simply pick which fighter will come out on top. No need to worry about rounds or methods of victory, just focus on backing your favorite fighter or spotting the underdog with potential. The odds associated with each fighter will guide you, indicating the potential payout based on their likelihood of winning. Moneyline bets keep things straightforward, so choose your favourite fighter and get to cheering!

Example: A moneyline of +200, is +200 odds (betting $100 wins you $200 profit) for the listed fighter to win. A moneyline of -200 is -200 odds ($100 wins you $50 profit) for the listed fighter to win.


Now, let's shift our attention to parlays, with these you can create a unique betting cocktail, combining different moneyline bets or even mixing in other bet types like over/under rounds or props. Parlays increase your payout potential substantially. The more bets you parlay the greater the odds become because of the combined odds. Remember, if one leg of your parlay falters, you lose all of it.


over Abreu (+110)

Andrade over Holm (+120)

A basic parlay with one bet at +110 and another at +120 will pay out at +250 odds. If you place a bets of $100 on those two fights in a parlay, you would win $250.

Prop betting on the UFC

Prop bets in the UFC cover a wide range of possibilities.

You can bet on the method of victory, whether it's a knockout, submission, or decision.

You can even wager on specific round outcomes, predicting when a fighter will win or lose.

For the detail-oriented fans, prop bets can involve predicting specific actions during the fight, such as guessing the number of strikes a fighter will land or if they'll takedown an opponent.

The UFC prop betting market is pretty extensive, always offering a boat load of options!

What makes prop betting fun for UFC betting is that they offer diverse options beyond the traditional moneyline odds.

Live betting on UFC Fights


Live betting on UFC fights adds more engagement to the betting experience. As the action continues to unfold in real-time, you opportunities to make strategic bets based on the evolving circumstances of the fight.

Capitalize on momentum shifts, fighter performance, and changing odds.

Identifying momentum swings is huge. If a fighter starts gaining the upper hand or shows signs of fatigue, you can take advantage by placing well-timed bets.

Which sportsbook has the best UFC betting offers in Canada?

The Canadian UFC betting market has massive variety of betting providers, each offering a diverse range of bonus promotions.

Among the bookmakers that have garnered acclaim, Stake stands out for its generous bonus offers and impressive betting selection. On BONUS.DIRECT, you'll find an exclusive sign up offer of 200% up to C$1,000 + a C$7 Free Bet when you use CODE: "BONUSDIRECT"

With such great promotions, Stake has solidified its reputation and become a top choice for UFC bettors seeking both exceptional bonuses and an extensive range of betting options.

Stake sportsbook

Betting on UFC upsets

One of the most thrilling aspects of the UFC is witnessing underdogs rising to the occasion and making those unexpected victories.

First, take a close look at the matchup itself. Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of both fighters and see if the underdog has enough skill that could give them an edge. Maybe they have knockout power, a solid ground game, or a relentless fighting spirit. It's all about finding those hidden qualities that could catch their favored opponent off guard.

Next, consider the mental aspect. Some fighters thrive in the underdog role, using it as fuel to prove their critics wrong. Look for signs of confidence, determination, and a history of performing well under pressure. These intangibles can make a difference when the spotlight is on and the odds are stacked against them.

Interesting facts about the UFC

  • The UFC was bought for $2 million in 2001 and later sold for $4.2 billion in 2016
  • A UFC belt comes out to around $300,000
  • New York was the very last state to legalize the sport, due to it's violent nature
  • Vitor Belfort is the reigning champ for the most knockouts with an impressive number of 12

Loyalty programs and High Roller bonuses in UFC Betting

These special programs are made to recognize and appreciate your loyalty, granting you exclusive benefits that take your UFC betting experience to a whole new level.

Loyalty programs in betting work on a points-based system, where the more you bet, the more points you accumulate. As you climb the ranks, you unlock a wider range of enticing rewards such as free bets, enhanced odds, personalized promotions, priority customer support, and even exclusive access to special events such as the UFC. Loyalty programs are a way for sportsbooks to have you feel valued and providing you with added incentives to stay loyal.

Additionally, High Roller bonuses take the VIP treatment to another level. As a High Roller, you can expect luxurious perks such as top-notch deposit bonuses, personalized account managers, faster withdrawals, invitations to exclusive events, and even special gifts. So, let your dedication be rewarded as you bask in the VIP treatment and enjoy the spoils of being a loyal UFC bettor.

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