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cookie policy

Cookie policy

The Cookie policy provides information concerning the use of Cookies on the website.

Cookies are text files that are stored by a browser on the end device to store certain information. The next time the website is called up with the same end device and browser, the information stored in the cookies is then sent back either to our website ("First Party Cookie") or to another website to which the cookie belongs ("Third Party Cookie").

With the stored and returned information, the respective website recognizes that it has already been called up and visited with the browser of the end device. Only the cookie itself is identified on the end device. Further storage of personal data only takes place after explicit consent.

2. Consent to use cookies

Cookies that are not absolutely necessary to provide you with the services on our website are only used after consent has been given. Only after clicking on the "Accept cookies" button are these type of Cookies used.

3. Types of Cookies

Depending on the purpose and function, we divide cookies into the following categories:

3.1 Required Cookies
3.2 Performance Cookies
3.3 Marketing Cookies

3.1 Required Cookies

Required cookies support functions without which the website cannot be used as intended. These cookies are only used by the website and are therefore first party cookies. This means that all information stored in the cookies is fed back to the website.
Required cookies are used, for example, to ensure that you remain logged in as a registered user when accessing different pages of the website and do not have to re-enter the login data every time you call up a new page.

The use of required cookies on our website is possible without consent due to a legitimate interest in offering a technically correct website (Art 6 Para 1 lit f GDPR). For this reason, strictly required cookies cannot be deactivated or activated. However, it is generally possible to deactivate cookies in the browser (see point 4). We process required cookies for the duration listed in the list below.

The following required cookies are used on our website:

Name: acceptCookies
Description: This cookie stores the information that the use of cookies has been accepted or rejected.
Duration: 1 year after consent

3.2 Performance Cookies

Performance cookies are used on the website. Performance cookies collect information about how the website is used in order to continuously improve it. These cookies count whether and which sub-pages of the website were visited and what content the users were interested in. Specifically, the number of hits on a page, the number of sub-pages called up, the time spent on our website, the order of the pages visited, which search terms led to our website, the country and region, and the percentage of mobile devices, that accessed our website.

Below are all the performance cookies used on the website:

Name: _ga
Description: Enables Google Analytics to identify returning visitors.
Duration: 2 years

More information on the terms of use and data protection of Google Analytics can be found at

3.3 Marketing Cookies

Marketing cookies are used on the website. Marketing cookies come from external advertising platforms (third party cookies) and are used to collect information about the pages visited by the user in order to deliver target group-oriented advertising to the user. We process marketing cookies for the below specified duration.

List of marketing cookies:

Name: C
Description: Identifies whether the browser accepts cookies, 1=cookies have been accepted. 3=opt out.
Duration: For value 1: 60 days, for value 3: 3650 days

Name: TPC
Description: Identifies whether the user accepts third party cookies.
Duration: 14 days

Name: GCM
Description: Identifies whether the partner's cookie compliance needs to be rechecked
Duration: 1 day

Name: CM
Description: Identifies whether affiliate cookie compliance needs to be rechecked (set by AdServing).
Duration: 1 day

Name: CM14
Description: Indicates whether the partner's cookie matching existence needs to be rechecked (set via cookie matching).
Duration: 14 days

Name: token
Description: Security token for opt-out functionality
Duration: session

Name: otsid
Description: Advertiser specific opt-out
Duration: 3650 days

Name: uid
Description: cookie used for marketing and advertising purposes.
Duration: 2 years

Daue: cid
Description: Cookie ID (inherited) - same as uid
Duration: 60 days

Name: adtrc
Description: Indicates whether browsing information was collected.
Duration: 7 days

Name: SR<RotatorID>
Description: Sequential rotator information - Includes total impressions, daily impressions, total clicks, daily clicks and the date of the last impression.
Duration: 1 day

Name: CT<TrackingSetupID>
Description: Identifies membership for a third-party pixel on the advertiser's pages with the last click.
Duration: 1 hour

Name: EBFCD<BannerID>
Description: Identifies the daily frequency limit for banners.
Duration: 7 days

Name: EBFC<BannerID>
Description: Identifies the overall frequency limit for banners.
Duration: 7 days

Name: CFFC<TagID>
Description: Compound banner frequency limit
Duration: 7 days

Name: DigiTrust.v1.identity
Description: User ID from, an independent industry association.
Duration: 7 days

If you do not want to agree to the corresponding data collection, you can object and deactivate the data collection under the following link:

4. Management and deletion of cookies

In general, you can configure your Internet browser in such a way that the storage of cookies on your end device is prevented or that you are asked each time whether you agree to receiving the cookies. Once cookies have been set, you can also delete them at any time. How all this works in detail can be found in the browser's help function.
Please note that a general deactivation of cookies may lead to functional restrictions on the website.

As of April 2020